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Who we are

Determined to Deliver Excellence.

AMCI PVT. LTD. was established by Dr. Swapna Singh and Dr. Amit Verma, with a sole objective to transform the conventional method for medical education into an increasingly computerized, progressed and convenient way, to provide the complete educational solution to organizations.

       We are the leaders in the field of software, media, and education industry as well. We create and deliver products as well as solutions to our clients who are primarily related to the education sector such as Senior Secondary Institutes, Medical Colleges and various institutes related to Medical etc. We are into front line dynamic innovation, which covers Education, Health, IT, and different administrations in the field of medical science.



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AMCI Learning provides specialized notes of every chapter which are prepared by the top Medical faculties. Now learning can be fun with AMCI Learning.

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What we do

      We are the one of a kind organization to provide an advanced medical learning platform for students, educators and institutions. Our clients overall India succeed in their efforts by using our cost-effective Learning Management System known as MedWhiz, which improves the Medical education quality. Our team comprises of multi-talented people with cutting edge foundations in medical animations, healthcare service showcasing, website/app development, maintenance, programming, and marketing as well. We take significant pride in imparting data, even more successfully with representation assets and cloud-controlled innovations.

     We are the leading organization to provide advance Medical learning to MBBS students in Medical colleges of India and overseas. We offer onsite as well as satellite classes, designed by highly qualified national and international level medical professors, who are experts in their fields. We have received appreciation from prestigious institutions in India and special recognition from foreign medical universities in Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

     Likewise, we have also developed an E-Learning Application, Predical, specifically designed for students of higher Secondary Division, for easy access to all the study materials and E-books required for their pre-medical preparation. We are determined to provide the best medical coaching to every aspirant throughout the nation right at their fingertips. We have designed and developed Predical in such a way that no other medical learning application or institute in the nation can surpass us in medical entrance preparation assistance.

Our story

Dr. Swapna Singh and her husband Dr. Amit Verma started AMCI (Aarna Medical Coaching Institute). Dr. Amit Verma was the topper in KCET and is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in India. Both of them during their MBBS term realized that the state of Indian medical education is way behind in technology. For issues such as shortage of professors and the lack of the implementation of interactive learning through visual aids, students do not get proper practical knowledge because the information is not imparted properly.

They understood that this is the reason which forces the level of medical education in India to go down. Both of them wanted to make the education system of India, a hub of simplified learning with the integration of latest and contemporary technologies. So, putting their career aside, they established AMCI. They have the aim to provide quality medical education to the MBBS graduates and properly orient them in college education by delivering the best learning experience.

They also developed a platform for medical aspirants, Predical. A fully online learning platform, and mobile application, to prepare them for medical entrance exams as aim of AMCI was not just to assist the MBBS or the PG medical sector but, Medical education as a whole. They brought MedWhiz into the world of medical education which is a next generation Learning management system integrated with intelligent technologies that will provide the all-round medical education as well as provide the best teaching platform for the educators to create the best doctors for tomorrow. MedWhiz LMS has the potential to revolutionize the face of medical education

Our Journey

AMCI was founded, the beginning of a new learning era


Onsite and Satellite Classes in Medical colleges of Georgia, Armenia, and India

The innovation of MedWhiz in the form of a superior medical learning platform for students, professors and college administration.


Development of 3D Medical Content for MedWhiz

Launch of MedWhiz Learning Management System


Predical was founded, a boon for Medical Aspirants

Predical app development for pre-medical exam preparation.

Predical to be launched shortly within a few weeks of February

AMCI has always stood by its principles of making learning as effective as possible with the assistance of modern innovation.

Vision and mission

We have a mission to provide the best education which in turn will make better doctors for tomorrow that will eventually create a better and healthy world.

Our vision is to make the country more educated with the integration of modern and latest technologies and to minimize the amount of hard work and struggles of students by giving a platform where education is provided while keeping everyone connected all the time.