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Taking Education to newer Height

Aarna Medical Coaching Institute Pvt.Ltd.

Year of Establishment-2017
Founded by Dr. Swapna singh, Dr. Amit Verma

    AMCI is a renowned organization which is into innovative educational ideas which helps the society by giving the best level of education worldwide. We are India’s one of the rapid growing ed-tech software company and we believe that the new and the contemporary methods of education where the integration of technology comes into play, can be much more effective than the traditional methods of imparting education. We are here to transform the education sector with the modern and effective technologies by integrating them into the general learning curriculum and delivering it to the doorsteps.

Predical Preparatives Pvt. Ltd.

Year of Establishment-2019
Founded by Dr. Amit Verma, Shrey Verma

    Predical is an E-Learning platform and Mobile Application, explicitly intended for the undergraduate students who are aspiring to pursue MBBS. Predical is for the simple access to all the study materials and E-books required for pre-medical entrance preparation. Predical contains video lectures from the absolute best medical personalities of the country in which they teach the students how to get ready for the assessment for simpler and quicker preparation. The application is structured and developed after surveying more than 500 students from various cities of India

Innovative Education System
Innovation in education implies giving a valiant effort for all students. Educators, exercises, and an educational plan must be adaptable. We need to get our students to think and pose questions. We have to provoke their interest and discover approaches to keep them intrigued. In AMCI, innovation in education means transformation, so we need to discover that our students need more than the aptitudes expected to pass the exams. We need to give them approaches that will make them beneficial in their future.
       We have an undying aim of simplifying the education system globally. We push ourselves to the extreme limit to structure innovative learning methodologies spand modules through the help of modern technologies that can ease the journey of your learning process and reduce the complexity of the education system at an international level.

Research and Development in Medical Education Sector
It is wisely said that without research, no big things can be accomplished. We have a research and development department which mainly focuses on the ways of integrating technology into the education system. They mainly focus on new and advanced Reality technologies and also on finding ways to induct these services into medical education.
        Our team finds out ways in which medical studies and Reality technologies could be incorporated together. Through AR and VR, students can see virtually realistic 3D models of the anatomical structures that can be streamed in real-time in their surroundings through their smart gadgets like cell phones and tablets With the AR innovation, Reality technology has the capacity to drastically uplift the experience of the medical domain and our R&D team has the potential to apply its full potential to Medical Education..